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Pr Brigitte CHABROL, head of reference centers and rare disease networks, explains what a rare disease is and how it is treated in France.

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Excellent Webinar on rhabdomyolysis from professeur Pascale de Lonlay, chief facilitator of medical sector G2M.



Every day, doctors fight alongside families, children and parents affected by orphan genetic diseases to try to improve their lives.
We can't do what they do. But we can help them in other ways.
This is what "Our Angels" does by collecting donations to be given to medical research. This association helps the metabolic department of Professor De Lonlay at the Necker Hospital and the Pôle Femme-Enfant in Chartres.

No Myolyse was inspired by our angels, this video is a favorite and we wanted to share it with you!

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Discover the Imagine Institute from the inside!


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Gournay-en-Bray (76) : donation of donation of time off between colleagues / des ailes pour L


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